Our Story


My name is Jane Powell. As the founder ThoughtDoodles, I am pleased to welcome you to our story.

The history that brought ThoughtDoodles to life began many years ago, in the mind of a young girl who loved to read and write. My ideas were originally seeded in a fascination with adventure novels, such as The Hobbit, and a love for recording my own thoughts about life in my journal. My first insertions in the domain of public writing were in the form of themed poems and fictional short stories that I wrote for my friends in high school. I was a shy teen and writing was my way of expressing my thoughts and humour. It also helped me develop a strong connection to my social environment. As my friends dreamt of becoming famous musicians, doctors, and politicians, I dreamt of exploring life and writing novels about my adventures.

Throughout my adult life, I have worked towards gathering tools that continuously help me improve my skills as an author. My toolbox is extensive and varied. The skills I have collected include writing both fiction and non-fiction, editing, proofreading, teaching, blogging, marketing, project coordination and management, and a deep understanding of world cultures, religions and socialization processes. I’ve gathered my tools throughout my education, career life, parenthood, and my extensive world travels and experiences living abroad.

My life adventures are what inspire me to write. I started ThoughtDoodles because I want to help others, who have been similarly inspired by their own life experiences, to write, to publish their work, and to influence worldviews with their own inspired thoughts.

For those of you who are avid readers and writers, be sure to check out our Helpful Hints and Book Clubs pages.

Kind regards,


Author, Consultant & Editor

MA Education (University of Otago, New Zealand)

BA Honours Anthropology, with a Minor in World Religions (McGill University, Canada)

Dip. Natural Sciences (Sogndal University College, Norway)

Dip. Languages & Literature (Dawson College, Canada)

Published work

Sky-Bound Misfit (Novel)

"Imagining Wild Pedagogies", Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education.

"Learning to be Gentle Giants", Green Teacher.

"Thinking Like a Mountain: Buddhism and Ecosophy", The McGill Review of Interdisciplinary Arts.

"Learning In, About, and For our Environment: Inspiring Communities" (Blog)

Environmental Education Activity Cards (Golden Community Resources Society)

“Students’ Learning in, about, and for the Environment in an

Environmental Education Program in one New Zealand School”, MA Thesis, University of Otago.

Jane has also published pieces in The Golden Star and SognAvis newspapers.

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